Just woke up after a long night and all I see on my timeline is “Damn G-Dep”…I look into this one….this guy is a genius smh. All I could say in my first tweet of the day?…. “Damn G-Dep”. An NY jail just got a “special delivery”….The rapper is now being held without bail, after confessing to the murder of a man in an attempted robbery 17 years ago.


This past Wednesday, Dep voluntarily walked into the 25th Precinct in NY and admitted to the murder of a John Henkel in the James Weldon Johnson projects in Queens 17 years back.

The NY Post reports he told police he rolled up on the victim on Park Ave and 114th street and told him he was about to get jacked. The man resisted, so Dep shot him three times in the chest and then proceeded to throw his gun in the East River to hide the evidence…….which I guess doesn’t matter now, huh?

He has been charged with murder and is now being held without bail. Crazy times we live in.