We Will be showing you all kind of Tech Stuff this week, cause it’s CES Baby!!!! Flex is out in the field in Vegas and I’m covering what ever comes across The Tech Desk coming “Straight Outta CES”(N.W.A. voice) Right now I’m just gonna tell you about Breffo’s Spiderpodium grip for handheld gadgets…..See Details.

Spiderpodium Tablet features eight flexible “secured and assured hold” notched legs designed to hold small and medium sized tablets including the iPad which we assume fits into the latter category. It folds down compact for toting about in a jacket pocket or bag when not in use. It’ll be on sale starting January 12th for an undisclosed price.
Press Release:
CES 2011 Innovations Award Honoree Breffo Unveils Its Newest Product Line, The Spiderpodium Tablet, at CES 2011. The Spiderpodium Tablet is an iconic stand and grip that offers unprecedented flexibility in the placement and display of tablet sized devices.

Jan 3, 2011 Portland, Oregon, USA – Breffo, a company specializing in innovative consumer electronics accessories, announced today the launch of Spiderpodium Tablet, to add to its flexible, universal gadget grip & travel dock product range. It is the evolution of the hit product Spiderpodium, and is geared towards the form factor of tablet devices. The Spiderpodium Tablet will be on display at CES 2011, in the iLounge Pavillion, booth 5136.

The Spiderpodium Tablet stand delivers exceptional performance and reliability. Designed and engineered to meet the needs of the demanding tablet accessory market, the Spiderpodium Tablet stand is compatible with all Tablet type products, including the Apple iPad.

Nic McMahon, Co-founder and US CEO said, “Patrick Matthews (Founder/Global CEO) and I are extremely excited to announce the Spiderpodium Tablet. We have spent a significant amount of time and effort on the R & D, to make sure this product exceeds the needs of any tablet user. Perfectly balancing aesthetic and functional design to create a brilliant new product concept. The Spiderpodium Tablet allows users to grip, stand, hang, or attach their tablet device virtually anywhere with a single accessory, while the aesthetic design makes it an iconic classic gadget that will be a joy to own.”

Offered in graphite grey initially the Spiderpodium Tablet will be available to current and prospective global distributors, as well as directly through www.breffo.com, from Jan 12th for immediate delivery.

Additional Product Information:

The Spiderpodium Tablet is very lightweight and compact making it particularly portable.

The product’s compact nature allows for Spiderpodium Tablet to be tucked into a jacket pocket or packed into a handbag, backpack, and carry-on bag with ease.

The Spiderpodium Tablet’s uniquely designed, 8 flexible, ‘secured and assured hold’ notched legs allow it to hang from, or secure itself to, virtually any surface that is not flat and make it adaptable to being used with multiple devices, in multiple ways. The flexible legs allow for it to securely grip almost any small and medium sized portable device available on the market.

The proportioned hole in the body of Spiderpodium Tablet has been designed specifically to allow any device docked to be charged while in use through the devices own proprietary charger. This, unlike most all docks and stands available, provides universal connectivity and does not restrict the usage of Spiderpodium Tablet to certain devices, and vice versa.

Spiderpodium leaves no footprint of its having been used, which is particularly beneficial as a solution to theft of car SatNav & GPS units which may have large permanent plastic units attached to the dash and windscreen.


Founded by Patrick Matthews and Nicholas McMahon, Breffo is a design-centered, global product company. Utilizing a belief in the total balance of functional and aesthetic design, Breffo focuses on delivering the value of innovation to the rapidly evolving hand-held device market. Breffo’s products are available through distribution and sales channels in over 35 countries. Breffo’s product lines work with virtually every hand held device – cameras, torches, phones – any make, any model. The products also allow the user to then mount or attach that device in a variety of different configurations – car mount, bike mount, cabinet mount, desk and other convenient applications.