Members of the United Auto Workers will once again protest the Detroit Auto Show this year.


According to, members of the union are upset about some of the concessions that the organization made when General Motors and Chrysler underwent bankruptcy. Now workers want those concessions back, even while both automakers struggle to protect profits and pay off sizable government loans. This comes as UAW President Bob King struggles to paint his union as a kinder, gentler labor organization. King has also made it clear that he wants the UAW to be part of the picture at manufacturing facilities owned by European and Asian automakers here in the states.

As part of that effort, King has called off protests at Toyota dealerships for their part in the closing of the NUMMI facility. Still, it seems that King is paying attention to the unrest in his organization. The UAW president is expected to ask for a larger share of the domestic automakers’ profits later in 2011 in a bid to appease his critics within the union.