Hands-on with MyFord Mobile is a smartphone app that keeps track of all the information an electric vehicle owner would want. Why does Ford need an app for an EV? Find out after the jump.


The app – which will launch on Android and Blackberry, with iPhone support coming later on – connects with an EV to provide the owner with a range of charging, location, telematics and driver-oriented information. If you’re an iPhone owner, you can also access all the features through any HTML5 browser (Safari) or from your desktop PC. And before you ask, the demo unit in the photos was running Windows Phone 7, but it isn’t supported just yet.

When you load up the app, you’re greeted with the vehicle’s state of charge, how long it will take to charge to different levels and the exact time the battery will be topped off. There’s also a page that lists how much CO2 you’ve saved, the amount of cash you’ve stolen out of Big Oil’s pockets and a rating of your driving style – a sliding scale that moves between ‘zippy’ and ‘zen.’

Ford partnered up with MapQuest to provide location data, including where the nearest charging stations are located, along with color coding (green, yellow and red) that indicates your charge status when you arrive. The mapping software also can calculate the distance to and from multiple destinations – round trip – and determines if you’ll have enough juice to get back home. It even takes into account the outside temperature and how it affects the battery’s discharge.

Finally, there’s the My Car section that covers everything from location, vehicle information (battery health, tire pressure, etc.), charge settings and how your personal driving style is affecting the amount of range you’re getting. Ford has also partnered with Microsoft to provide smart charging data, allowing you to only juice up your EV during non-peak use hours.