...As the belt gathers speed people can not clear the bottom quickly enough, and they fall helplessly on top of one another

Wow! This escalator in the Metro station in Washington D.C. has a glitch in its brake system, causing the escalator to speed up and throw tens of people on top of each other. Several people were injured. Yikes! Check the video after the jump!


[DM] – These are the shocking images of an escalator malfunction that sent crowds of people hurtling into each other in a human pile up.

The distressing video, captured on CCTV at L’Enfant Metro station in Washington D.C., shows the moment when the escalator brakes failed, sending streams of people plummeting into each other at the bottom.

Several people were injured in the November 4 incident.

At the start of the video people can be seen moving calmly off at the bottom of the escalator.

Then, after about 30 seconds, the belt suddenly speeds up and people begin hurtling into each other, causing a pile up at the bottom.

As panic sets in, several brave passengers can be seen rushing to aid those caught in the mound of bodies stuck at the bottom.

One man repeatedly drags stricken people out of the writhing mass by their arms.

The incident happened on November 4th following the John Stewart/ Steven Colbert ‘Rally to Restore Sanity’ event in the capital.

An investigation determined the cause of the incident was a failure in the braking system.