You would be surprised to find out how a homeless woman got Curtis Jackson to pay her rent. Might not be the Curtis you’re thinking, though. Check out more after the jump…….

Pam C. @TatWZA

Homeless Chicago Man Donates Thousands to Down-On-Her-Luck Banker:

When a single mother in Chicago lost her job, she had no idea a homeless man she used to help would offer her a lifeline.

My Fox Chicago reports that when the woman, who would like to remain anonymous, lost her home, she and her son began living in their car.

After being warned by police that her son would be taken from her if she couldn’t find a safer environment for him, she relocated the family into a hotel room. She wondered how she would pay the bill.

That’s where Curtis Jackson, local homeless man, came in. The pair had crossed paths frequently in the past. Jackson recalled the generosity and kindness with which the young mother treated him.

Now, Jackson is helping the mother and son by donating the change he makes from panhandling to pay their hotel bill.