Over the next several weeks Twitter will be rolling out a new intergrated photo sharing service, Hit the Jump for Details!

I am so happy this is going down, last night I had to blast a wack ass blogger by showing him his opinion didn’t really matter since his Blog #’s were too low to matter, andthe way I did that is to take a snap shot of his and our Alexa ratings(you can check my timeline to see for yourself), and I had to go through a process because twitter from the web didn’t have a way to do that, but now twitter will let folks upload an image and attach it directly to their tweet from Twitter.com(partnered with photobucket), when it officially drops, So I look forward to this, in case I have to blast another idiot on twitter!!!! This also means way more pics on twitter, which is great for #IFWT since we let you know who’s twittering what “Twitter Talk

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