Ok So the new Windows is coming, announced yesterday but People want to know, what’s the Big Deal, well I’m gonna help you figure it out! Hit the Jump!

Alright Windows IS Completely different, and IF it works the way it should(But Really it’s windows, so what’s the chance it works perfectly -_- ) it could revolutionize the the PC market, and let’s not forget, the world was mostly run by PC’s until not that long ago, so there is still a big batch of PC’s out there. The thing is, they aren’t saying that this will run on “older” PC’s, it feels like this is built for what’s coming, to Smartphones, Smartbooks, Tabs, Desk and Laptops, the whole gambit. And it looks like they are getting into the Arm Processor game, just like Apple is Rumored to be, interesting.
Now the direct difference of Windows 8 is it’s designed for Touch screen, which is a nice move! It seems completely interactive, with the tiles(a lot like the windows 7 phone OS, but that didn’t really pop, but we’ll see if Nokia can help that). It has a snap system that let’s you ‘Snap’ a window into place, uhh ok. another thing is the on screen keyboard can be made for thumb use, which totally suggest Tab use. The PC file system is still in place which is good for old school windows users to be able to find things! But let Jensen tell you what’s up!!!

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