Happy birthday to our very own FUNK FLEX!!! Leo Season is in full effect!! We hope today is amazing and we wish you many, many more!! NO GENERICS!! We all wanted to say a few things as well so “hit the jump” for a message from everyone.

The Team

Flex: Thank you so much for the opportunity to work on this amazing blog!! Thank you for all your advice, thank you for pushing me when I try to drag my feet…thank you for everything!! Words can’t express how much I appreciate it all. Hope your birthday is amazing…and I know it will be because that’s how LEO’S do!! (Ok, that was a little generic LOL) HAPPY BIRTHDAY FUNK DIGI!!!!!!! – Marisa

Flex: Happy Birthday!!! Thank you for allowing me to be part of this blog and giving me the chance to do something I love and have always wanted to do. Thank you for the inspiration that you have not only given me but for the inspiration you have given hip hop as well! Happy Birthday, I wish you many, many more!!! –Julie

Dearest Flex, yeaaaaaaa boyeeeee I’m not trying to get generic with you in public so I’ll say this and give you a card tomorrow when I see ya: Happy Birthday to Hip Hop’s reigning DJ, to a great influence in the auto industry, to the blog KING, to an inspiration for anyone with a dream of being the best at anything they do, to a great boss, and to an amazing father. In other words, Happy Birthday to the best to ever do it!! Now let’s get it POPPIN! –sincerely, Wendy 🙂

*** Happy Birthday Funk Flex! *** Not gonna get all mush, but I’ve been your assistant for almost 5 yrs now (crazy I know) and not only have you become a friend but family.  You have taught me so much that will last me 2 lifetimes!  I’m so lucky to have learned from the BEST.
May all your wishes come true (not generic)!!! Ok, enough with the sappy talk…now who’s ready for some football?!  Lol -Sabrina B. gametimegirl

Flex: It’s one thing to hear you killing the competition on the radio and it’s a totally different experience watching it done live, I want to thank you for that opportunity. Also thank you for choosing me to be involved with IFWT(We movin’ out here!!!) I wont let you down. I still bug out when my phone rings and its says “Funk Flex”. Happy Birthday and enjoy your day!!! wish you many more!

Happy Birthday Flex!!! I’m new to the #IFWT team but I already love it! I wanna thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my sports knowledge with the world. You’re such a cool dude, keep killing them out there. Still the hottest and most respected DJ out! 🙂


I remember growing up listening to you take the radio to a different level and to this day your still #1. I’ve had the honor to be around you for along time and ive been able to grow around you. Thank you. You will always have someone who will always be loyal to you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FUNK DIGI

(Mike Sessions Aka Messiah)

I would like to wish my brother Flex a big happy birthday! And I would like to take out the time to personally thank you for everything you’ve done for me. Not only is it a privilege but it is a honor for me to work with you! Thanks again bro. Many More! Let’s continue to win! – Trip

Happy Birthday Bro!, your truly a good person and glad I can learn & work along side a NY Legend… I’m serious… Thanks for the opportunity for allowing me to be a part of the camp & fam and interning for you on sat nights back in ’04 when vinyl was poppin! #IFWT ALL DAY!!!! - DJJUANYTO

HAPPY CAKE DAY BOSSMAN!!! I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to work on the blog and for allowing me to venture into something I never thought I’d be doing. It is such a great learning experience to work along side you and watch as the blog grows…I know the opportunity that you have given me to get to know you and work with the BEST is an experience that I will carry with me forever!! You truly are an inspiration…(NOT BEING GENERIC WHATSOEVER!! LOL!) Hope you enjoy your day! GO FLEX! GO FLEX!!! – - Ash

Happy birthday Flex!! It’s been a pleasure working with you and I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity. I hope you have a great day and are blessed with many more.

FAAAMMMMMM Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! I really Can’t express my appreciation other than continuing help You Dominate Digital!!!! Tat WZA
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Happy Birthday Funk!!! Sometimes it bugs me out that as an 8 year old i used to tape your shows onto cassette to playback on my walkman the next day & now I work with you & see you in action on a daily basis. Working on the blog & at the station has been one of the best experiences for me & I greatly appreciate you keeping the kid around. Enjoy your Birthday Digitally!!! WAAA!! -Dj RellyRell