If you remember Facebook started it’s own Messaging service, where it combined Email, Text, Chat, and Video kinda all in one, although I tried the text side, and man it was annoying, but Facebook may have fixed the prob, they now had their own Messenger App, completely separate from facebook’s app’s, and it seems to compete with the likes of BBM, or Apple’s new iMessenger, Hit the Jump
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The New App will allow you to send a text message to your phone’s contacts and a Facebook message to your Facebook contacts. Bonus: You get to send pictures as well. AND it Seems that it will have Video conferencing sometime in the future, very well rooted in with the Skype Desktop calling, but Mobile, and more than just Windows! The way this could hurt BBM is, it’s cross platform, and you won’t have to have a certain device in order to use it. Now that could hurt Apple’s upcoming iMessenger App as well, but with the serious concern about the release of the iPhone 5, and the current 200M+ iOS user’s, they may be able withstand the Facebook onslaught, and it will be an onslaught because Facebook has 700M+ user’s, and if even half of of their user’s use this App(which More than that prob will) They will be able to keep that #1 for some time!!!

All of the Images are from the Android App Store Except the Video Messaging is from an iOS device(thanks 9to5mac)