While Amy Winehouse was alive, Kanye West made it known how much of a big fan of Winehouse’s music he was. Yeezy also expressed his interest in working with Amy and never got the chance to do so because of her untimely death. Because he didn’t get a chance to record with Amy, Yeezy has announced that he will record a new version of Amy’s hit “Back To Black” in her honor. Read more about what he said after the jump.


The rapper, who has just released ‘Watch The Throne’, his collaboration album with Jay-Z, will reportedly debut the track in London next month, according to the Daily Mirror.

A source told the paper that the rapper had put his own spin on the title track from the singer’s hugely successful second album and that he has added synthesizers.

The source said: “It’s pretty emotive. It’s Kanye singing from the heart – with synthesizers.”