Price wise definitely! But put together wise it doesn’t seem so, Android 2.3(gingerbread), a 1.2GHz Processor(Rockchip 2918 Cortex A8 processor) with a 600Mhz DSP(digital signal processor), the X10 Airpad is a mere $199.00, hit the Jump for more info, and shopping link.

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Powered by Android 2.3, the X10 AirPad is equipped with a powerful 1.2 Ghz Rockchip 2918 Cortex A8 processor, has a brilliant color screen, 4 GB onboard memory (plus an additional 32 GB with microSD card, not included), a built in camera/video recording device, and access to more than 250,000 apps in the Android Marketplace.

X10 Airpad