Police officers in Virgina and Pennsylvania are on the hunt for a US Solider. 37-year-old John Leonard Egland is wanted for going on a killing spree yesterday as Irene slammed the East Coast. According to authorities, Egland allegedly killed three people in Virgina before killing one person in Pennsylvania! Egland also opened fire at police officers on two occasions, shooting one officer. Read more about the incident after the jump.


In the midst of Hurricane Irene bearing down on the east coast, an active duty U.S. soldier may have killed as many as four people from Virginia to Bucks County, Pa., also shooting a local police officer.

Police are searching Bucks County Sunday morning for 37-year-old John Leonard Egland of Fort Lee Army base in Virginia, after he allegedly killed three people in Virginia and another person in Buckingham Township overnight.

Egland also opened fire on police in two separate incidents and also pulled a gun on a nurse at St. Luke’s Hospital in Quakertown, according to authorities.

Bucks County authorities told NBC Philadelphia reporter Steve Highsmith that Egland may have shot his ex-wife, her boyfriend, and a child in Virginia, as well as a Doylestown police officer.

John Dougherty, director of Bucks County’s emergency services, said a nurse at St. Luke’s Hospital in Quakertown called police at 3:49 a.m. to report having been threatened by a man with a handgun.

He says officers began to pursue the suspect, and a state trooper was fired upon, a shot fired at a Dublin officer shattered his windshield and sent glass into his eye, and a Doylestown officer was shot in the hand.

Police found Egland’s empty truck at York Road and Almshouse Road in Warwick Township and police saw him flee into the woods after shooting at the Bucks County SWAT team. They have not seen him since.

Authorities say that Egland is armed and extremely dangerous.

Dougherty said a SWAT team was seeking for the suspect in a wooded area in Warwick Township, where residents were told to stay inside and lock their doors.

As of 2 p.m. the gunman was still on the loose.