Although Boston may be the most storied city in league history, it has not hosted an NBA All-Star Game since 1964. As soon as the lockout concludes, Houston is expected to be officially announced as the host city – for the second time in seven years – for the 2013 game.  Read more after the jump.

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It is believed that ownership squabbles between the Celtics and the Bruins, as well as disagreements with the mayor over the past several years, have grounded any plans for the February classic to return to Boston. But Mayor Thomas Menino said the days of infighting within Boston’s sports and political infrastructure are over.

“We haven’t had it since ’64 and I think we’re ready for it,’’ Menino said. “We have new ownership, new enthusiasm, the fan base out here for it, and I just think we have the facility and everything ready to go.

“I hope that the NBA makes the decision in the near future to bring the All-Star Game to our city.’’

There is only a tight circle of cities hosting the game because several have passed on the financial commitment in today’s economic landscape. So Los Angeles, Houston, Orlando, Dallas, and Phoenix, among others, are taking turns. The Celtics would have to file a formal proposal to host the game, and co-owner Wyc Grousbeck has said his team is interested in joining the rotation.

“The Celtics would have to be the applicant for it, and as a city, I would endorse the idea,’’ Menino said. “As a city, I would endorse the idea of bringing it here with the Convention Center folks, get all the entities in our city working together to make sure the All-Star Game is a first-class game that people participate in and neighbors could participate. I just think it’s long overdue.

“The change in ownership, the change of attitudes, the change of spirit in our city – I look forward someday to having the NBA All-Star Game here and I hope the Celtics in the very near future make the application for it.’’

Of course, everything may be pushed back a year if the lockout cancels the 2012 All-Star Game in Orlando.

In that scenario, the earliest Boston could host a game would be 2015.