The LG Thrill(Phone) is 4G(HSPA+), and the HTC Jetstream(tablet) is LTE(4G) are both on sale at AT&T today, Hit the jump for source links and advice!

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I really just wanted to let you know this was out there, but let me tell you, I think AT&T or HTC, or both made a boo boo, and didn’t learn from Motorola’s mistake about making the Xoom TOO Expensive, because this Jetstream is retiredly priced I you would be a fool to spend that kinda $ in this economy, but hit the link and weigh your options, but IF I see you with one of these, I am gonna laugh at you, very Strong laugh, almost a scream -_-

Of course the Thrill is Priced ok, I personally wouldn’t Do AT&T, been there done that, But the Thrill Will Keep up with if not surpass the EVO, which is Sprint’s HTC Warrior in this Digital Battle!!!

HTC Phone On AT&T

HTC Tablet On AT&T