If You are a smoker(cigarettes) then you know how difficult it really is to quit, I mean I’m in the process of trying and I personally tell you, it’s Difficult, But supposedly Blu eCig has the Pack that’s Smart enough to help!

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As it’s always better to have support, Blu eCig’s brings quitting to the social front.

Packs of Blu e-cigarettes will vibrate and flash a blue light when they are within 50 feet of another pack.

You get 5 eCigs in a pack, I guess this gives you that real cigarette feel, but it will cost you $80 for the Pack -_-
The pack is the Charger, so it’s not like you’ll be buy multiple packs 🙂
And if these work, that $80 is really a great investment. Blu has some good flavors for you!!

Blu Cigs

Press Release:

e-Cigarettes Get Social, Last Longer, and Re-order Themselves With New “Smart Pack” From blu Cigs

Smart Pack’s ID Technology Detects Other blu Cig Users Close By; High-Tech “Brain” Improves Battery Life And Automatically Re-orders Your e-Cig Supply

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Sept. 7, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — blu Cigs, the e-cigarette brand delivering the superior style and flavor along with the freedom to enjoy smoking anywhere has just announced the official launch of its much-anticipated blu Smart Pack — the next evolution of the e-cig experience. The first of its kind, blu’s Smart Pack features a bevy of tech-savvy enhancements to make the e-cig experience even more interactive and enjoyable — including a homing device feature to locate other blu users close by, automatic re-ordering when your cartridge supply gets low, and longer lasting battery life and flavor.

blu’s e-cigs have quickly risen in popularity, offering a high-tech alternative to smoking by mimicking its behavior — without the smell, tar, ash, tobacco, or other chemicals associated with traditional cigarettes. Now, blu’s Smart Pack further elevates the e-cig experience with a unique built-in ID technology that, when activated, instantly detects and notifies you when a fellow blu user or blu retail location is within a 50-foot range — creating all types of new possibilities for social interaction among like-minded people. Other industry-first features include:

* Battery management: New and improved technology boasts smarter battery management to extend battery life. Also features new ‘no-screw’ feature for more convenient battery replacement — just drop it in and go!
* Convenient cartomizer: Smart Packs include blu’s most recent innovation, a one-piece flavor cartridge and atomizer that lets you choose your nicotine strength and flavor in one simple step — offering unmatched consistency and flavor.
* Instant inventory: The blu Smart Pack will eventually trigger automatic reordering when your supply runs low, based on parameters each user sets in advance.

Future enhancements to the Smart Pack will include desktop software for seamless integration with social media platforms and individual profiles, enabling users to indicate relationship status, network with friends and colleagues, and even identify locations that allow the use of the product.

“We are always out to please our loyal community of blu Cig users, and the Smart Pack incorporates a lot of the wish list items they have shared with us,” said Jason Healy, President of blu. “Our new tech-enhanced features are unmatched in the e-cig industry — and combined with the Smart Pack’s new design elements, we’re able to raise the bar for the cool factor as much as personal ease-of-use and enjoyment. And that commitment is what keeps customers choosing blu over other brands.”

blu’s Smart Pack is available exclusively online at www.blucigs.com. Additionally, blu Cigs’ popular rechargeable packs and disposable singles are available online and at over 9,000 retail locations including bars, nightclubs, and private airliners nationwide. For a full list of locations, or to purchase online, visit www.blucigs.com.