Well, it’s not that it’s better, it’s more that it’s different, and maybe more dedicated to the filmmaker part of uploading videos, not just game for the cutest kitty cat, or Funny old people on their NEW Computer, this service, “Spidvid.com” is all about, before during and just after the Video that may be your ticket into TV, or a film festival is uploaded to the masses of youtube, now that youtube is the internet’s most known place on the planet to watch Video, why not give it the best video you can give it??? Well let’s take a super quick tour through it and see if it’s right for you, just Hit the Jump!

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1st you sign up, and after you get signed up you can see what you want to do, there are a couple of options…you can either go to View projects, this will let you see what production people are into, and you can sign up to help them out, which let’s you gain experience! You can also rate what you think of the ideas(in Production Ideas), if you wanna take a passive roll in other people’s projects.

You can also Search for Talent if you’re looking to get your project underway! And once you have completed a project you can upload your project, then it can be voted on, which will let you know if you need to fix anything, to make it better.

Then you can try to sell it, then hit your account and see what you’ve done, of course all of these things will take time, but it’s def a production experience compared to just uploading a video to youtube!! Speaking of which before you hit youtube, you can publish to UnleashedVideo.com and let the public see and Vote on your video, then once you know you production is tough go youtube to make that splash!!!

Watch this Vid that breaks it down a little!!

What is Spidvid? from Spidvid on Vimeo.