Yesterday I told you that Charlie Sheen wants to make a comeback on “Two and a Half Men.” Well now Charlie told Wendy Williams that he plans of having a viewing party at his house. Charlie has invited a group of friends to his house to watch the season premiere and his comedy roast. Watch a preview of the show and find out what else he said after the jump.


On his state of mind: “Charlie is trying to move on with his life and I gave him some room to breathe. Obviously, he was in bizarro world and we had to address that, of course, but Charlie is really trying to move on.”

On Ashton Kutcher: “He was a gentleman. He wished Ashton well.”

On his former Two and Half Men boss: “He hasn’t talked to Chuck Lorre in a while and you’ll get his exact quote when he answers on the couch.”

On his children’s mothers: “He doesn’t live with the girls anymore. It’s all about him and Brooke [Mueller] and his children. And Denise [Richards],he was very kind to both of his children’s mothers.”