A reported bomb threat forced Alaska Airlines flight 342 to land under heightened security circumstances Monday morning at Oakland International Airport. Hit the jump to read the rest of the story.

Initial news reports indicated that the Boeing 737-800 made an emergency landing, but Bobbie Egan, a spokesperson for Alaska Airlines, told HuffPost that no emergency was declared and that passengers did not exit the aircraft using the emergency exits.

The plane, which had 126 passengers and six crew members, has been inspected and cleared by the Transportation Security Administration and by the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department.

“We take these kinds of threats very seriously,” Egan told HuffPost. “We did due diligence in making sure that the aircraft was screened and cooperated with local law enforcement.


According to ABC-7 News, two passengers were escorted off the airplane by federal marshals after the plane landed. KOMO reports that the other passengers were taken to a “secure area” to be screened.

According to a tweet from KCBS, the bomb threat was made with a note at San Francisco airport. KCBS also reports that the two passengers were removed in handcuffs.

KIRO-TV reports that images from a news helicopter show that K-9 units are inspecting the baggage on the tarmac.

The flight was en route from Seattle to Oakland and scheduled to land at 8:13 a.m., KIRO-TV reports. It landed at 7:50.