I know I constantly tear PC’s down, and yes I am NOT a fan of PC’s, but I’m not really looking at the NEW Microsoft Windows 8 in the same way, the NEW Windows 8 build is mos def looking kinda Clean, right now I’m thinking this build may be perfect for a 2nd Mac boot up! Hit the Jump for the Video that will make you feel better about Microsoft.

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I mean if this works the way it’s supposed to it might even be good to have a Windows phone. It would work seamlessly between your desktop, laptop, Xbox, and Mobile Phone all of the same OS, yes I included Xbox, because the whole system will be unified, Thanks to all having Metro UI in there Builds!!

of course it would probably be after they actually drop it, and mad problems Do NOT surface, before I give 2 thumbs up, all clear, safe to work with, or anything else that would lead you to believe that I’m all in, especially since Microsoft hasn’t put out a comparable OS(To Mac OS or Even iOS or Android) BUT If this works the way it’s supposed to they will have Accomplished this!!!