A lot going on here, Google+ has moved from a “Field Test(was happy to be a tester) to Beta, and I’m just giddy at the prospect that Anybody can Now Join Google+!!! Ok of coarse Google is throwing in some cool ass feature to welcome everyone aboard! So hit the Jump to see what your getting yourself into!!

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If you’re just getting started, don’t forget to check out this Tutorial!

Ok so as I learned this was going on, I saw the update in my Phone and in the 10.1 so I was hype to try the Hangout feature on the 10.1(I knew I wouldn’t have it in my phone, I don’t have a front-facing camera -_- ), but I as I paid closer attention, I saw it was gingerbread only w/ front facing cam’s -_-
But either way I’m Hype about everyone getting in, no invite necessary(although I was handing them out anytime asked for 1) and there are still some nice updates, like google search helps to bring back Real real-time results, and the search box in Google+(on the web) will bring back even better results(like a regular G search box)

Speaking of Hangouts on the web(not mobile, unless you’re ginger breaded up, Hangout will now have a “Hangouts On Air” which will let you broadcast to the web for everyone to see, and 9 people can actually join in on that hangout(like a regular hangout, but just unlimited on lookers)

“Hangout Extras” is also very cool with shared green sharing, sketchpad, and Google Docs is also more integrated
Apparently Google+ will be available soon for Business’ and education customers, so the #IFWT G+ will be back in action soon, and I can’t wait to see how Schools will integrate this!!!

Little things like “Huddle” is now “Messenger”, with more reliable stability in Messenger, and if you Long Press on a post in the stream it will +1, share and mute, improved Video support, granular push notification settings(which means you can break down the notificans better), and +Mention support(which means you can add people with google+ to a post better)

I am so excited to see in 30 days how all this helps Google+ grow, and to see when they make facebook/twitter #’s!!!!!