Even after serving time for their crimes more than 100 New York City-area immigrants with criminal records were rounded up as part of a major nationwide raid. Hit the jump to read the rest of the story.

In a seven-day operation called “Cross Check,” Immigration and Customs Enforcement netted nearly 3,000 ex-cons around the country – including a Bronx man from the Dominican Republic who was convicted of attempted murder in 1988.

They also nabbed a Jamaican immigrant in the Bronx who was convicted of kidnapping in 1987 and a Chinese immigrant from Brooklyn convicted of armed robbery in 1990.

Some of the immigrants – whose records make them deportable – had avoided immigration authorities for years after serving time and being released from prison.

“Once they find they’re going to be removed, they abscond,” said ICE New York Field Office spokesman Lou Martinez.

Agents followed up on tips and carried out surveillance before making the arrests, he said. According to ICE, 42 of those arrested around the country were gang members, and 151 were sex offenders.