Police have released a video of a man opening fire on a teen at 3 in the afternoon on a street in Brooklyn. The attempt took take the teens life was not successful leaving the young teen critically wounded. Hit the jump to see the video.
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The chilling surveillance video, released by police Wednesday night, shows the artful rubout bid that nearly ended the life of Tyquan Sewall, 18, in Flatlands about 3 p.m. Tuesday.

Sewall was ambushed, shot at point-blank range and then hit three more times, leaving him critically wounded, police said.

The dramatic video shows the gunman unloading on Sewall with a .32-caliber Smith & Wesson outside of the fast food joint, sending him rolling out into the street, passing through at least two lanes of traffic.

Near the end of the clip, two men can be seen running over and snatching two white bags that Sewall had dropped onto the street – and high-tailing it out of there on foot just as a police van pulls up.

Before the violence, Sewall, who lives just blocks from the burger shop, had gotten into an argument on nearby Flatbush Ave., a block away from CUNY-Brooklyn College.

During that spat, a man told Sewall to come with him to the McDonald’s, police said.

A throwdown, and not greasy burgers and fries, seems to have been their desire.

Sewall followed, but couldn’t see that an intricate gun handoff was unfolding on the sidewalk outside the McDonald’s – an elaborate scheme caught on an NYPD camera before Sewall walked into the frame, and his terrible fate.

“What you see here is a pretty elaborate choreography of handing off the gun from the first player, to the second player and to the gunman – all along luring the victim to the ambush,” said Paul Browne, top spokesman for the NYPD.

The video shows a man in a white T-shirt approach another man wearing a black shirt and carrying a black bag. The man in the white T-shirt is handed the bag and pulls out the revolver as his pal walks inside the restaurant.

The armed man waited at the door until a man clad in a red jacket – the one who was arguing with Sewall earlier – walked up and took the loaded piece.

As the pair walked into the restaurant, a furious Sewall marched toward the entrance.

Suddenly, the gunman stepped out of the door, aimed the pistol at Sewall’s head and fired – but his aim was not as good as their gun-handoff plot.

The bullet grazed the left side of Sewall’s head, sending him staggering back toward the curb as frightened onlookers scurried out of the way.

The gunman stepped toward Sewall to finish him off. He squeezed off another round that caused Sewall to drop and convulse on the street. The shooter fired three more times as the wounded teen tried to roll out of the way and into the middle of the busy road.

Sewall – who has eight prior arrests, including five for robbery – was hit in the torso, groin and leg in addition to the graze wound. Police said he was in critical but stable condition at Kings County Hospital Wednesday.

The gunman and the gun-passers fled out of a back entrance of the restaurant and dumped the six-shooter – which still had one live round left in it – in a trash can a block away, police said.

Investigators were still searching Wednesday for the gunman and his accomplices, who are believed to be known to Sewall, police sources said.

Sewall’s friends who witnessed the wild shooting told police they didn’t recognize any of the suspects – a story detectives aren’t buying, the sources said.