The Fall Update of the Xbox User Interface is going to change the way you use your Xbox!! Aside from being a Cleaner look, and among all the marvelous NEW things, TV will be one of the Most Important…Especially TV!!! Hit the Jump to find out.

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Ok we told a few weeks ago that Xbox was looking to add Video content(More than Netflix) from Diff providers like HBOGO(HBO subscribers), Lovefilm (UK, Germany), BBC TV (UK), and Syfy, but Now Comcast confirmed there Xfinity TV App(For Comcast subscribers), and Verizon has plan for a LIVE TV Section(For FiOS Customers). All Very exciting, but here is the Thing, IF you don’t subscribe to those things you won’t be able to watch ANY of them, which means You Will have to KEEP Cable -_-
Until these Companies offer a way to pay them Directly without the need of a Cable Company(except Comcast/Verizon are Cable Companies) You will have to stay chained, and what’s worse is, even IF/When that happens, If you add them up separately they could end up costing more than Cable Companies(depending on what they charge) -_-
It seams as though the Cycle may never end!!!

Anyway, See this Video: