Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl

American citizens and foreigners in Kenya were being warned Friday that an al Qaeda affiliate in neighboring Somalia is planning to target locations broadcasting sporting events, a US official confirmed to FOX News Channel.

The feared attacks from al Shabaab, which was behind suicide attacks last year at venues in Uganda broadcasting World Cup soccer matches, could target places showing the Rugby World Cup, with finals matches commencing Saturday and running until October 23, and a soccer match between Kenya and its western neighbor Uganda being played Saturday.

The Uganda strike by al Shabaab, which killed 76, was considered an indicator that the group was going “more global” in its targeting and may be capable of hitting US targets, FOX reported.

An alert by the US embassy warned, “The US Embassy in Nairobi has received credible information about a potential threat to Americans and other foreigners linked to international sporting events, such as the Kenya-Uganda football match on Saturday, October 8, or the upcoming Rugby World Cup.

“American citizens are urged to avoid public venues, such as sports bars, night clubs, and restaurants, which will be broadcasting these games, as well as public transportation, such as buses, to and from the events.”

ABC News reported that Usama bin Laden had urged al Shabaab to target the US after learning that a number of US-born Somalis had joined the organization. They include Alabama native Omar Hammami, also known as Abu Mansoor al Amriki, an al Shabaab spokesman who is wanted by the FBI for “terrorism violations” including “providing material support to terrorists.”