I mean to be Honest, Rockstar was the whole reason I went down to Comic Con 2011 NYC, Although I got some good stuff, This is the Real Deal!! Hit the Jump to See What’s Up!!

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Ok Rockstar Games Known for some of the Biggest Titles out there, like GTA, And Max Payne And They showed off what they are gonna be bringing for those 2 games, Exciting! Now my dumbs got there late so I missed the Demo for “Max Payne 3”, But I’ve been told I will get to come to the offices, or somewhere to Check it out, cause I have a Cople Of connects in there, but I won’t say any names in order to keep those contacts!! But I Do Have Some Pics From Comic Con, and Video Of the Release to come!!

Here are some Photo’s:

So I wasn’t supposed to take pics of The Max Payne Stuff(Until Later) But This Video Will Tell the Story:

The Other big thing here was the 10 year Anniversary for GTA, With a Claude Action Figure, Here are the Screen Shots From Rockstar’s Website:

And here are some of the GTA characters At Comic Con, just check the whole Gallery: