Central Park was abuzz with the sound of chainsaws slicing up the more than a thousand trees that were destroyed by the weekend snowstorm. At least $500,000 worth of trees were damaged of destroyed by the storm. Hit the jump to read the rest of the story.

Workers manning wood chippers added to the racket as they reduced countless downed limbs to mulch — a huge job that could take until the middle of next month to finish.
“They’re taking hanging branches, chipping a lot of downed limbs,” said Dena Libner of the Central Park Conservancy, who said at least $500,000 worth of trees were damaged of destroyed by the storm. “This was almost the perfect storm in that a bunch of factors coincided to do an incredible amount of damage.”
The trees have been late to shed their leaves this fall, said Libner.
“So that combined with wet heavy snow put a lot more stress on the trees,” she said.
Libner said the last time the park lost so many trees was in August 2009, when a tornado tore through the north end of the park and left 500 downed trees in its wake.
The city parks were re-opened Sunday, but officials warned visitors to be careful and steer clear of the work crews.
Meanwhile, Con Ed reported that its crews expected to restore power by the end of Monday to the remaining city residents who lost their juice to the storm.
About 118,000 customers in New York City and Westchester County lost power after the storm began Saturday afternoon.
As of Monday, 52% of those customers had their power restored.
Con Ed’s warned trick-or-treaters heading out for Halloween to keep an eye out for downed power lines and to steer clear of them.