Avril Lavigne is a bloody mess after being jumped by 5 people last night in what was apparently an unprovoked attack. “My face is f**ked,” Avril said in the aftermath of incident. The singer was involved in a fight outside the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel around 1:00 AM Sunday morning and not only was she seriously messed up, her boyfriend Brody Jenner got smashed in the head with a bottle while trying to break it up! You can see the bloody pic of Brody and more details below. Insane!

Marisa Mendez

Now, Avril is speaking out about the incident — saying, “I don’t fight. I don’t believe in it. To clear things up I got attacked by 5 people last night out of nowhere. Not cool. My face is f**ked.”

She added, “As in black eye, bloody nose, hair ripped out, scratches, bruises and cuts. So not ok to be abusive to others. Violence is NEVER the answer.”

By the time cops got to the scene — the alleged combatants had all left the scene (including Avril) — though Brody stuck around and talked with police.

So far, no one has been arrested.