Even if you were too young to watch it when it actually aired, you should still know about “The Shot”.  It’s the shot Michael Jordan took in Game 5 of the 1989 Eastern Conference First Round against the Cleveland Cavaliers.  The Bulls were the underdogs during this time after being swept by the Cavs 6-0 during the regular season.  Jordan broke free of the double team by Craig Ehlo and Lance Nance to inbound the ball from Brad Sellers, he then hit a jumper over Ehlo’s extended arm from the free-throw line at the buzzer to win the game 101-100.  It was Jordan’s first of many game winning shots to come and the start of many disappointments coming Cleveland’s way.  As Ehlo fell to the floor in despair, Jordan jumped into the air with an image that still lives on today.  Check the video after the jump.

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