I posted on this back in Jan 2011, it was called the GL30, but now the Z340, some of the specs are the same, but you’re gonna have to Hit the Jump to hear my story about it!

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I am actually a Camera guy, I grew up with a 110 and polaroid at my disposal, I would of had millions(felt that way) of Pics, had my House not burned down when I was 10, But we move forward not backward, and the digital Revolution has definitely made an impact in the Camera industry, with Both Pro’s & Con’s, Like a Pro is storage where things like a Fire won’t totally take everything from you(especially with Cloud), but a Con is the physical form of film has been disappearing, But Polaroid May have put out the Best of Both Worlds!!!! Now called the Z340(I don’t think either name is helping), but aside from the adjustable screen you use as the viewfinder(2.7inch), and it can put out a Photo in a few minutes, But Also, you can take photo’s at will, then spit them out(pause) when you want, Not just when you take them, and the other good part of that is, you used to have to wait for a polaroid to develop, and not know How it was really gonna look. The film you use is called Zink Paper, and uses a 3″ x 4″ pic frame size, capturing the 14 megapixel’s, This Camera is SO Clean!!! Only thing is I don’t know if the $299 price tag is where people are at in this economy -_-
Watch this Vid on it!!