I posted about the Music Player(in Beta), Now the Beta is Gone, and if you have a Android Device, You need his in your life!!!

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One thing that’s Different between me and other Tech Bloggers, is I have a Real relationship with Some of the Artists, So I holla’d at Busta, but due to the Contract he signed with Google, He could Tell me, but I couldn’t Share it, and although it was killing Me, I kept my Mouth shut, But Busta Rhymes Is Officially working With Google!!! Congrats My Dude!!!!


So before we can get to the Song in there, I got an Email From Google, Letting me know it was time as I was in Beta:


Then I noticed they were letting us know to go in, and I saw they Promo’d Busta in the Mass Email, which was a good look!!:

Then I made sure My App was UP to Date in My Android Phone:


You will be able to hit the Store Part  from your Desktop (don’t forget, you have to download the Manager on your desktop), so you can manager your Music Properly, and in your device, you would need to get the Player; So I checked into Mine, and Immediately Saw the Busta/Chris Brown Song At the Top, ready to download(FREE For Us Beta User’s):


So Although I had it from the Blast on @Hot97(Funk Flex show), I downloaded it easier, than loading through iTunes:



Then I was ready to go, Don’t forget to check out Busta’s Catalog In Google Music:

AND All the other Music they were talking about in the Email!!! And Once again Congrats Buss!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember You will find all kind of music in the Store, and a lot is Free, but even if they charge, prices are competitive with iTunes, and Amazon Music store, and All Storage is FREE, compared to Apple’s iCloud, at least as of right now!!