When I 1st heard the Joint(which we played 1st on The Show last night), and heard the part where he spit fast, then said in the song “I wanna see you do that on Youtube”, I initially though Whoa, He’s challenging @AngieMartinez and her team to do another Video(which is after the Jump), But Actually, He’s Challenging Everybody!! Hit the Jump, Find out the Detail!!

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Ok So watch this Video 1st of Busta Telling You about creating your own Video of “Why Stop Now:


That is Pretty Dope, Not only will you Possibly be seen in a major Hip Hop Music Video, but thinking about what’s going on here, Google will Have one of the Artist it signed to it’s NEW Music Devision get people uploading Video’s to youtube(which they also own) for the purpose of promoting Music in it’s New online store. I mean this is marketing at it’s finest, Grassroots at that…Genius!!!!

Ok so this is where the idea came from, Chris Brown and Busta did a tune, you might have heard about it, “Look at Me Now”, and Angie Martinez and her team did a cover video of that song, and it Blew up on youtube(Helping Google), and it was phenomenal!!!! Check it out”


Now the question is can you do that type of video of the NEW Song??? It’s gonna be Tough, Angie and Team did they MoFo thing, but IF you do, We will post your video here on #IFWT, send a link to [email protected] (Yes, Google AGAIN)!!!!!!
BTW, the Video has to be a remake of the NEW song “Why Stop Now”, so don’t think your gonna do your own vid, why would he want your loose video in his Music video -_-