Yes in a way, Dell Computer Company internally uses Blackberries for their enterprise system, but Dell Recently told it’s Employees to cut ties with their BB’s, and Start using the companies very own Dell Venue, a windows 7 phone, Hit the Jump for Dell’s Reason, and RIM’s response!!

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Dell has give a reason alright, they say it will cut cost. LOL, OK Dell, we’ll let you run with that, we won’t point out that Blackberry is at the end of a road, and you want to get ahead of being out there with a finished Device, but if they bounce back(a possibility), will you happen to find a reason to re-equip yourself with BB’s???

RIM has responded be saying it’s pretty much a publicity stunt, LOL, we’ll let you run with that too!!
But I will say it’s sad when a company switches from BB to a phone that has proven to be somewhat of a flop, even if the company does make said device -_-