Do you know who I am? Well, OK, have you heard of my father?  Jesse Buss, son of Los Angeles Lakers owner Jerry Buss, was reportedly arrested on alcohol charges in Lexington, KY, early Friday morning, according to Kentucky television station WDRB. He allegedly tried to talk his way out of it by doing a little familial name-dropping.  Read more after the jump.

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Jesse Buss, son of LA Lakers owner Jerry Buss, arrested in Lexington for alcohol intoxication this morning. When Jesse Buss was arrested, he demanded preferential treatment from officers. He kept telling officers he was the son of Jerry Buss, owner of the LA Lakers.

I’m assuming he was in town for the UK game yesterday. Was arrested at 3:39 this morning at Broadway and Maxwell.

Lexington Jail official confirms to me that Jesse Buss (son of Lakers owner) has bonded out of Lexington Jail.

The Kentucky Wildcats hosted St. John’s on Thursday, winning 81-59, and are set to host the University of North Carolina in a much-anticipated showdown between two of the top five teams in the country on Saturday.

Jerry Buss has owned the Lakers since 1979. Back in 2007, Jerry Buss was busted for DUI while driving a gold Mercedes. He later apologized.

Jeannie Buss, Jerry’s daughter, serves as Executive Vice President of Business Operations for the Lakers and is the girlfriend of former Lakers head coach Phil Jackson. Jim Buss, Jerry’s son, serves as Executive Vice President of Player Personnel. The Orange County Register reports that Jesse does not have a formal role in the organization.

This is the second time that someone associated with a prominent NBA franchise has reportedly been arrested on alcohol-related charges in less than a month. San Antonio Spurs GM R.C. Buford was arrested for DUI in early November.