Lady Gaga was interviewed for Britain’s Elle magazine and they asked her the question they ask most female celebs “What’s your secret for flawless skin?” Well in true Gaga fashion, she gave an off the wall answer, LOL. Gaga simply replied “orgasms, lots and lots of orgasms” then she mentioned spinach and vegetable drinks but said they only have a small impact on her skin.  Read more after the jump.


‘Orgasms and spinach!’ Lady Gaga reveals the secret to perfect skin

By Lauren Paxman

Last updated at 6:25 PM on 29th November 2011

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When Lady Gaga signed the licence for a new perfume in September, she reportedly requested that the fragrance be based on the molecular structure of blood and semen.

Her skincare secrets are just as unconventional.

Asked how she held onto her flawless complexion – despite her demanding lifestyle – the 25-year-old didn’t list a range of face creams. Her smooth skin is apparently a result of lots of orgasms.
The Born This Way singer was sipping a vegetable drink when she was being interviewed by Elle for their January issue. But when asked if that was the secret to looking so fresh-faced, Gaga replied that actually she relied on ‘orgasms, lots of orgasms’.

She did eventually concede that the vegetable drinks may also play a small part in her skincare regime, though, giving credit to both ‘orgasms and spinach.’