I was logging in Yesterday and Noticed this So I took it for a spin, Hit the Jump to know what you need to Do!


1st On Login page, make sure it’s the Page you put you username, and password in at, you’ll see this:

Ok so Click on that and you will see this Page:

Of course you have to click the “Start” button, then you need to put your bday in:

Then Put an X in the agreement(which, says it’s not Google that actually sends the Messages, and the said company’s technology is whats used to send the Message), and Hit red next arrow:

Then Put your name(which won’t matter unless it’s a plain one), but whomever you’re sending it to is fine no matter the name:

Fill out a bit more:

Click the ‘Play Audio’:

And another page before the Audio(probably contributes to their Click count):

Here’s what the Message sounds like:


Then you set up the Number, you want to send it From and To:

And you can start over and hit someone else, maybe your daughter, nephew, niece, aunt, uncle, Mom, Dad, whomever you want(as long as they are U.S. And/Or Canadian numbers only):