Well it wasn’t only a rough holiday season for FedEx workers. Check out the video after the jump the “gangsta” UPS worker holiday spirit while delivering a package.

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Following a recent incident where a FedEx delivery worker was caught on camera throwing a computer monitor over a garden wall, a UPS worker has been caught displaying similarly careless behavior – only this time it came with an obscene gesture.

When a video turned up on YouTube last week showing a FedEx delivery worker throwing a box containing a computer monitor over a garden fence, anyone who uses the company’s service would’ve been rightly horrified. They might have even considered switching their custom to rival UPS.

Well, if that’s the case then it’s time to get back to the drawing board, for a new video has emerged showing a UPS employee not only throwing a box onto a porch, but also giving the middle finger to the camera filming him. Talk about one-upmanship.

UPS worker spreading some holiday spirit!!!

The incident took place at a Long Island address on December 15, although the video has only just come to light. Initially all seems normal as the worker climbs out of his van and makes his way up the driveway carrying a fairly large Zappos package. However, things take a sinister turn when the guy gives the security camera the middle finger, before casually hurling the box onto the front porch of the house.

According to reports, UPS spokesperson Ronna Branch said that employees are told in pre-shift meetings to be aware of security cameras attached to properties. The UPS worker in question certainly can’t be accused of failing to heed the order – he knew exactly where the camera was when he flipped the bird.

Another spokesperson for the delivery company, Natalie Godwin, told NBC New York that the worker in question was a seasonal employee. “We don’t tolerate such conduct, and yes, he was fired,” she said.

With goods worth around $32 billion having been bought online in the US this holiday season, many consumers will be shuddering at the thought of what might be happening to their purchased items between the warehouse and their front door.

But we should also spare a thought for the majority of responsible delivery workers who must be fuming as their reputation takes a battering. Perhaps affirmative action is needed – might we soon see a slew of videos posted on YouTube showing UPS and FedEx employees waving happily and smiling cheerfully at security cameras before diligently laying down the fragile and expensive package onto a suitable surface with all the care of a doting mother placing her newborn in its crib? No, probably not.