I men I feel a little psychic, cause I’ve been saying G+ is gonna be big, while in Beta they grew cagy, then they went Public and claimed 10 millie more in 2 days, well now it’s been a few short months, and the growth has grown, Hit the Jump.


I’m gonna keep it short, but really sweet! Google seems to be gaining 625K users daily and are now as of Dec 2011 at 65 Million Users, projected to have 75 Million by Mid Jan/Feb. Which tookTwitter a couple years to do, but let’s be honest, Beside Google’s advantage to reach people, being the #1 site on this Planet, Twitter opened the door for Good Social Networking sites, so good looking twitter on Showing how to do this Son, oh yeah, Facebook was Mos Def instrumental in G+’s success, since people are getting tired of it, especially with it’s ‘NEW’ timeline feature, people are trying out the + faster!
Let’s also mention, with a high number of Android devices daily, and G+ automatically signing people up(which it will do) that number will be Crazy in 2012!!! I’ll say it AGAIN Google+ will Rule!!!