A man was arrested after he tried to smuggle 247 poisonous snakes and endangered reptiles onto a airplane that was headed to Spain. The man is believed to be part of a criminal organization that smuggles exotic species because the exportation of them is banned. Read more after the jump.



A man tried to board a plane in Argentina with almost 250 poisonous snakes and endangered reptiles in his baggage.

Czech citizen Karel Abelovsky, 51, was en route to Spain when airport officials made him open his baggage at Buenos Aires’ international airport after police spotted the reptiles in the X-ray scanner.

They found 247 exotic and endangered species in all, packed inside plastic containers, bags and even socks, each meticulously labelled with its Latin name.

Authorities believe the man was a courier for a criminal organisation that smuggles exotic species whose exports are banned.

Authorities said Abelovsky only arrived in Argentina days earlier and wouldn’t have had time to gather all the animals.