LOL, Ask Ziggy, Really?? I guess it’s what it is, Microsoft must feel like if a Name like Siri can Pop, Then Ziggy could pop too right?? I think what they are missing is, Siri could have been named boogaloo, it doesn’t matter what they named it, cause it’s what it does, Work Really well!!! Hit the Jump to see how well ‘Ziggy’ Works.


Actually It Might work a lot like Siri, since it uses Nuance like Siri, So it may actually be better than the Android Siri(which does kinda suck), only thing is, by watching the Video, I see there is a lot more button pushing than Siri -_-


There is Another App in Windows Marketplace, called “iSiri Faker”, which doesn’t control the phone like Siri, or “Ask Ziggy” but will have a conversation with you like Siri. Hit the Links below IF you have a Windows 7 Phone.

Ask Ziggy iSiri Faker