Now, Not everyone that Reads IFWT will know or Care about keeping up with the Newest Camera’s, But here’s the thing, You want to see the your favorite artist Music Video’s right, well these Camera’s are what captures those Video’s. Hit the Jump for your details.


Canon has been in the forefront for sometime when it comes to the digital world, they came on the scene with the XL series that ended up changing cable TV Network game, MTV and BET started using them as their Production camera’s. That rocked for a while, then in the last few years they dropped the even Better camera, the EOS 5D(& 7D), which made it to the Indie filmmakers, making Movies, and Music Video’s, Totally changing the Game! Now since the 5D(&7D) came out a Camera Company named RED came out and Took things further, Making Digital camera’s that True Hollywood filmmakers wanted to get their hands on, BUT Canon is Back, Now able to compete with the Reds with the All NEW EOS C300, Watch this Video to know more about it:

Canon EOS C300 Digital Cinema Camera from B&H Photo Video on Vimeo.

Only thing is, This Camera isn’t as affordable as the 5 & 7D’s, this one is at $16K, for now, but Filmmakers can get their rent on!!!!