Kinda ridiculous if you ask me. I’m not sure Superman could save these guys right now, but I guess somebody had to try…Hit the Jump to see what Hero is trying.


Although RIM is insisting this is Not a Marketing Ploy, “not a new ad campaign.” Just a Fun way to say “Be Bold”, Which to me is obviously Marketing. Let’s meet the non marketing RIM Super Heroes:

-GoGo Girl(in pink), who “saves the day with a brilliant strategy”(too bad RIM doesn’t have a Real GoGo Girl)

-Justin SteeleIn Blue), who’s “always ready to stick up for his friends”(RIM has a lot less friends now)

-Trudy Foreal(in Purple) “isn’t afraid to call it as she sees it”(once again, too bad RIM doesn’t have a REAL Trudy)

-Max Stone(I Think that’s fuchsia) is “able to jump out of a plane”(Well They really need this guy, cause they are Crashing)

Good Luck with this RIM -_-