Yikes: A plane en route to Cancun was forced to make an emergency landing after a drunken passenger got a little crazy. Get the full story after the jump!

Wendy L.

A Thomson Airways flight was forced to make an emergency landing in Canada Tuesday after a drunken passenger became unruly, reports the Daily Mail.

The flight was en route from Manchester, England to Cancun when it diverted to Halifax, Nova Scotia. According to the report, the 42-year-old male was denied more alcohol by flight crew, and resorted to trying to steal it from other passengers. He also tried to sit in other passengers’ laps.

He was eventually restrained by the crew after an argument, and was escorted from the plane by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police upon landing.

To further the inconvenience, the passengers got an overnight layover in Halifax because of issues with the pilot’s flying hours.

“Accommodation was arranged for the customers on board. They departed for Cancun the following day and have now arrived to begin their holidays,” an airline spokeswoman told Manchester Evening News. “The passenger will be escorted onto a flight from Halifax by Canadian officials. It is anticipated that he will be met by police upon his arrival in the UK.”

No charges were brought against the man.

Drunk airline passengers are no rarity, and some are prone to absurd behaviors. In September 2011, a woman drank a pint of whiskey on a Virgin flight and groped a male flight attendant. Before that, a male British Airways passenger groped a flight attendant, also after hitting a bottle of whiskey.

Back in June 2011, a Jetstar passenger relieved himself in the airplane’s aisle. And, a drunk woman grounded a bmi flight in August 2011 after performing an in-flight erotic dance.