Yesterday we posted the story about the erratic behavior from a JetBlue pilot that forced an emergency landing!  Since then, at least two videos have surfaced of the pilot’s crazy behavior and him beinb subdued by the passengers on the flight from NY to Vegas.  Hit the jump for full coverage and the videos!


New cell phone video shows passengers and flight attendants pinning down the captain of their JetBlue flight after he displayed erratic behavior, yelling about a bomb, Al Qaeda, and telling them to say their prayers.

Paul Babakitis, a passenger on the flight describes the scene to Megyn Kelly, saying it was a really ‘perilous situation.’ He said that he initially saw a physically fit, tall man, dart down the aisle toward the cockpit, pound on the door and demand entry.

Based upon his observations, Babakitis went to the front of the cabin where a number of passengers had converged, and proceeded to subdue the pilot. He said, “We all had a great relationship where we were able to work in synch to get this person down on the ground in a safe and effective and controlled manner.”

Rob Mark, a commercial pilot, said that while pilots are given mental health screenings, they are not done with the regularity of the annual physical that pilots receive.

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