We’ve got a few more details on the recently-revealed Steve Jobs movie starring Ashton Kutcher, thanks to a Neowin interview with the producer, Mark Hulme.

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The independent film — which has the unfortunate working title of Jobs: Get Inspired — will cover the late CEO’s life from 1971 to 2000, putting it rather squarely into the time period that the TV movie Pirates of Silicon Valley explored. The first-time producer said that, unsurprisingly, they chose Kutcher to play the role of Jobs because of his likeness to the Apple co-founder, especially during the timeframe that the movie will cover. There are few other details, but Hulme says that they will begin filming next month with plans for a Q4 release, and he’s not concerned about Sony’s own Jobs biopic — which will be at least in part based on Walter Isaacson’s recent biography — because it isn’t slated to be released for another year or two.