If you missed it Ashton Kutcher, was casted to play the late Steve Jobs in a bio, which according to Sony Pictures the momvie should be released sometime later in 2012.

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On Saturday pictures emerged of Ashton Kutcher dressed in full Steve Jobs attire, from his famous black turtleneck blue jeans and white sneakers.  According to reports the movie as of the moment is entitled “Jobs: Get Inspired”. Not really a catchy title but I hope the heads at Sony come up with a better title.

Filming of the bio pic began this month,and is said to concentrate on the earlier years of Steve Job’s earlier life. If your not sure who Ashton Kutcher is, he is the current star in CBS’s Two and a Half Men, previously played roles on Fox’sThat ’70s Show and films such as The Butterfly Effect, No Strings Attached, Valentine’s Day and Dude, Where’s My Car.