Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl

Free agent quarterback Donovan McNabb’s physical fitness was an issue in Washington during the 2010 season, and with Minnesota in 2011. Shortly after the Vikings waived him last December, Tom Pelissero of ESPN 1500 Twin Cities reported that McNabb “was out of shape when he showed up” to Minnesota, and “fell even more out of shape once he got benched.”

After two years of lackluster work ethic, McNabb is now taking fitness seriously as he attempts to return to the NFL. He’s currently training on sand and in the ocean with quarterbacks guru George Whitfield.

“I’m in great shape,” McNabb said on ESPN’s SportsCenter Monday. “I’m in great shape. I’ve dropped 15, 20 pounds.”

Though the weight loss obviously indicates that McNabb knows his conditioning was a problem, he still refuses to openly admit it.

“It’s not really about that,” McNabb insisted. “Because for me, people may have seen how strong I look. And they kind of equated that to ‘he may be out of shape,’ or whatever. But now that I’m lighter, people now all of a sudden say ‘well oh, now he’s in shape.’

“I’ve been in shape.”

Whitfield noticed on game tape that McNabb had gotten into the habit of “over-rotating,” and the two are working to fix his mechanics.

“A lot of it comes from playing baseball,” McNabb claimed. “A lot of it comes from coaches who tell you to follow through, and a lot of the follow-through is more following through, through your receiver. And we kind of focused in and pulled back on some of that.”

ESPN asked McNabb whether he’s got a wishlist of teams he wants to play for.

“I have a list,” McNabb replied. “A full list, of 32.”