Weather is getting nicer and you are probably looking forward if you haven’t already started hitting the beach to catch some sun. Well no one wants to put in an insurance claim and pay an deductible for a damaged phone. Well how can you avoid getting sand in your phone? Hit the jump to find out.

ShottaDru X TatWza

If you hate sand getting in your headphone and charging ports you can cover the phone with plastic cling wrap to make sure sand won’t enter the ports.
This tip comes from Reddit’s Pro Life Tips subreddit: cut a large piece of cling wrap, apply it first to the touch screen and then wrap it around to the back of your phone covering all ports. The touchscreen should still work and unless you keep it wrapped up like this all day you won’t have overheating issues.

Keep in mind that this process does not make your phone waterproof, so if you plan on getting close enough that it could get splashed you may want to put your phone in a freezer bag instead. The disadvantage of using freezer bags is that many people will take their phone out of the freezer bag a few times for texting or whatnot and that is when sand gets in the device. You could always do both, but then you’d probably have to worry more about overheating.