A private club where only the elite and wealthy attend has placed itself in a bad light after a certain lawyer complained about the lewd and crazy thing some of these rich men do on the property.  Piedmont Driving Club has allowed its members to golf in the nude, pee in public, act drunk in public, among other drunken frat-like behaviors.  So guess how much it’s charging its members to allow them all this?  Hit the jump to read about the controversy and how much it costs to be a member.

Steph Bassanini

A secretive high society gentleman’s club frequented by Atlanta’s most wealthy and prominent people has been thrust into the spotlight after allegations emerged of its elite members golfing naked, urinating in public and committing a host of lewd, drunken behaviors.
John C. Weitnauer, a top-flight bankruptcy lawyer, wrote a scathing letter detailing the fraternity-boy antics to the president of the Piedmont Driving Club — the invitation-only organization that has brought together Georgia’s most powerful people since the Gilded Age. Dues are said to be $90,000 a year.
Mr Weitnauer, who worked on both the Enron and Lehman Brothers bankruptcies, intended for his letter to be a private correspondence, demanding the club take action against the members guilty of the bad behavior.

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