Sabrina B.

It’s rare when anything associated with the NFL gets cheaper.

Just last week, the league hiked the price of their “All-22” film Game Rewind package by 10 bucks, claiming a “mistake” in the first published price.

But the Jets are bucking the trend, cutting the cost of 12,000 upper level seats in an effort to sell more season tickets, according to the Associated Press.

Jets team president Neil Glat announced the move, saying some seats in the end zone, corners and some sideline seats in the upper tier of MetLife Stadium will drop from $105 to as low as $50.

Glat the price cut was “to improve the value for our fans, especially our season ticket holders,” whom he referred to as “the lifeblood of the league.”

“After taking a hard look and having analyzed the 300 level, we are going to adjust the price,” Glat said. “We think we can do better in that area for our fans. The goal is to ensure that we have a lot of season ticket holders up there.”

Sounds great, but what it really means is they were overcharging for those seats to begin with, and the law of supply and demand applied itself in the form of people not wanting to buy as many season tickets at that rate.

Among the chief concerns of the league at a time of burgeoning popularity is enhancing the in-stadium experience, because the at-home product on television is as good or better (the beer’s cheaper, anyway) for many of their customers.